Robotic Capsule

Robotic capsule for endoscopy, biopsy and microbiota sampling

Robotic capsule with a live stream casting report

Capsule Endoscopy

A vital procedure to predict and diagnose intestine disorders and diseases

Our Innovation

RoboMed’s innovation is its instant robotic biopsy

Step 1

Endoscopy and biopsy simultaneously

Step 2

Capsule carries biopsy needles

Step 3

Take out the sample for further examinations & pathology

Our Unique Solution

Unique solution steps

Our Team

Our team members are developing and improving their products with the best and most up-to-date methods

RoboMed products for better and easier medical services


Consumable capsule


Enables computer interface and data extraction


Captures data from the capsule

Smartphone Application

Enables real-time interface

Sensor array

Attach to human body

Cable and accessories

Our Partnership

You can join our satisfied partners and be a part of the RoboMed family

Our Team

Our professional team members include people with academic and experimental experience

Yaser Sabzehmeidani

Founder & Managing Director

PhD in mechatronics with almost twelve years of experience in industry, research and academic. Industrial background in Robotics, Automation, CAD/CAM and manufacturing.

Mohammadali Shafiei


More than eight years of international sales and commercialisation with the academic background of financial management.

Ali Dolatabadi

IT & Software Developer

Experienced in software development, IT, app-supported hardware interface and advanced programming C#.

Kasra Naderian

Founder & CTO

Extensive experience in manufacturing and mechanical engineering with a successful background working on research, design and development projects.


R&D Manager

More than ten years of international experience in micro engineering and high precision instrumentations.


Mechatronics Manager

PhD in Electrical Engineering with research and lecturing position in the Western Sydney University and over 5 years of professional engineering experienced in control system, AI, instrumentation and mechatronics.


Electrical & Electronics Manager

With almost ten years of experience in industry and entrepreneurship and experience in developing embedded systems based on microcontrollers and designing PCB. Supervising development of the device’s electrical systems, focusing on cost, safety, reliability, quality and sustainability.

Sanaz Naderi

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Eight years of experience within the ISO, CE and FDA scopes in different industries by the experience of QC and QA management and clinical trials.


Founder & Medical Advisor

DDM, experienced as top level management in international companies with bio-compatible medical devices.

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