Revolutionizing Biopsy


Revolutionizing Diagnostics: Our Robotic Capsule Solution

Enter the future of medical diagnostics with RoboMed’s innovative Robotic Capsule. Specializing in endoscopy and biopsy sampling of the small intestine, our advanced technology ensures precision, comfort, and unparalleled insights. Say goodbye to invasive procedures and hello to a new era of seamless, patient-friendly diagnostics. Your health, reimagined.


How it works ?

Endoscopy and Biopsy simultaneously

Capsule is carrying Biopsy Micro Needles

Take out sample for pathology and examinations

Innovative Diagnostics, Simplified

Real-Time Biopsy: Immediate insights at your fingertips.

App-Supported & IoT-Based: Seamless integration for on-the-go analysis.

Quick, Fast & Remote: Swift access, anytime, anywhere.

Smart Interface: Intuitive smartphone and computer applications for real-time data.

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